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ant ac­cess to is­sues of CMM go­ing back to 005 ant to find that road test be­fore putting down your hard- earned cash, or per­haps you’re af­ter a par­tic­u­lar work­shop ar­ti­cle to help in the restora­tion of your lat­est pro­ject? Then CMM EX TRA can help! If you’re a sub­scriber you can have all of the last 10 is­sues of CMM at your very fin­ger­tips…… Roughly, we reckon that’s 10.5 mil­lion words at your beck and call and around two thou­sand tests with around 00 step- by- step work­shop guides or pro­ject bike ar­ti­cles ready to be plun­dered. ant to know what Niall Mackenz ie thought of his re­stored RD35 0LC? Dead sim­ple: en­ter 35 0LC into the search en­gine and ev­ery is­sue it’s men­tioned in will pop up so you can search through EV ERY is­sue where the leg­endary 355 0LC crops up. ant to find out how Steve Cooper re- spoked a wheel? Sim­ply en­ter the words into the search en­gine and up it will pop. If we’ve done it in the last 13 years it’s on there. Not only that, but we will be adding more is­sues onto this price­less data­base over time. e think CMM EX TRA could be as handy a tool as your favourite span­ner… And all you need to do is SU BSCRIBE! See pages 40-- 41 for how to do that. cmm

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