Ride retro bet­ter with Macken­zie!

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - FEEDBACK -

Dear Ber­tie, Niall Mackenz ie and all at CMM. I think I’ve got a re­ally good idea for you. I stress the word think in that sen­tence! Okay, here goes. I’d not rid­den a bike in uite a while when I threw a leg over my new to me’ 16 year- old Honda CBR900RR Fireblade back last sum­mer. I’m in my 0s, by the way. In my pre­vi­ous ex­is­tence’ be­fore the old bag left me for some­one else, I’d rid­den bikes most of my life un­til the pre­vi­ously men­tioned witch de­cided that we couldn’t af­ford’ for me to have a mo­tor­cy­cle. As many of us do, I wanted to keep her happy so I had a lay off. That was back in the early 000s, when you Ber­tie lad, were work­ing on a magaz ine called Two Wheels Only which was my favourite read of the time. Any­ways, by 003- 004 I’d been forced to say a fond farewell to bik­ing, but when the old D- I- O- R- C- E came through I re­alised I could do what the heck I wanted, so I went out and bought the Blade. I fig­ured that get­ting a bike that was around at the time of me uit­ting bikes would be bet­ter than the lat­est hot- totrot road rocket. How wrong I was… To cut a long story short, I hooked up again with my old mates who had never stopped rid­ing and I was… out of my depth. Thank­fully, the only bad thing that hap­pened was a low- speed spill which dam­aged my con­fi­dence and bar- end/ en­gine cases. Since then I’ve grown in ex­pe­ri­ence once more and love my rid­ing. And here’s the idea. hen I got back into bik­ing I was ar­ro­gantly think­ing I could slip straight back in: you never for­get how to ride a bike, eh? ell, I do re­call your old mag do­ing a Ride Bet­ter ith Mackenz ie’ sup­ple­ment or was it a fea­ture? Ei­ther way, why not get the old bug­ger back into his leathers to im­part his knowl­edge once more? Or do a CMM rid­ing day with him? Come on! Bill Walls Ber­tie says: “Bill, you’re a good man as it’s hard to ad­mit these things. I’m sure we could span­ner up a ‘bet­ter rid­ing’ or ‘ride your clas­sic bet­ter with Macken­zie’ day. Maybe make it free for sub­scribers? What do the rest of you think?”

Old Niall can still ride a bit!

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