Cole Bunker’s 1971 Honda CB175 K5

Classic Motorcycle Mechanics - - FEEDBACK -

This is my 197 1 Honda CB17 5 K5 Su­pers­port. t was a ba­sic restora­tion that only re­ceived gen­uine parts or re­man­u­fac­tured gen­uine parts. The bike it­self came to me with pit­ted chrome, a very dirty frame, poor com­pres­sion, poor bat­tery and trashed tyres. have re­placed all parts on my own, tted pe­riod-cor­rect mufø es, re­placed the seat cover, im­proved the elec­tri­cal sys­tem via re­lays and ig­ni­tion and cleaned the carbs and the whole rest of the bike for that mat­ter. nd it' s a great com­muter around cam­pus!

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