Yamaha GTS1000 R

f amaha re­vis­ited the GTS, we can only hope it would be like this.

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In 1993, amaha gave us a glimpse of a pos­si­ble fu­ture in the shape of the sports- tour­ing GTS1000. Pow­ered by a de­tuned FZ R mo­tor it is best re­mem­bered by the RADD front swingarm which sep­a­rated sus­pen­sion and steer­ing tasks, along with an eye- wa­ter­ing ini­tial pur­chase price that left lit­tle change from 10,000. It wasn’t a big seller, though one chap showed the bike’s true po­ten­tial by racing it at the IOM TT (take a bow Steve Lins­dell). amaha must be ap­plauded for tak­ing such a bold move in giv­ing us the first mass- pro­duced bike to fea­ture such tech­nol­ogy, as well as throw­ing ABS, a cat­alytic con­verter and fuel- in­jec­tion into the pack­age too. As a trib­ute to their brav­ery, we’ve cre­ated our own, but in­stead of re­boot­ing it as an un­der­pow­ered sports borer’, how about some­thing a lit­tle more Rad­di­cal?


The 1993 Omega' frame used the en­gine as a stressed mem­ber and we' ve kept it in our model. sing 2019 R1 mag­ne­sium wheels and a heav­ily modiae ed swingarm from the same bike, this GTS is lighter on its feet and has the Oh­lins to make the most of it. As be­fore at the front, the lower arm and shock han­dles sus­pen­sion duty while a ver­ti­cal strut steers the bike. There' s very lit­tle dive un­der brak­ing and the prob­lem of chang­ing ge­om­e­try is vir­tu­ally elim­i­nated. Due to the front swingarm we still have a sin­gle front disc but it' s now a larger di­am­e­ter with a more pow­er­ful Brembo monobloc caliper.


While the rst-gen­er­a­tion GTS was an over­weight mile-cruncher, our bike is stripped to the bone to be lighter, more pow­er­ful and built for laughs on the street. With styling in­spired from sev­eral bikes in the amaha range, the min­i­mal body­work re­duces weight as well as in­creas­ing the get-out-of-my-way road pres­ence with its 21st cen­tury curves. We' ve even given pro­vi­sion for pil­lions, though their footrests are fold­away items so as not to ruin our cur­va­ceous GTS lines. t' ll be Du­cati Di­avel for break­fast, Suzuki Katana for lunch and VMAX for din­nerº


The orig­i­nal bike used a ve-valve, four-cylin­der ZR1000 mo­tor, which sounds great ex­cept amaha lopped 0bhp off the top-end leav­ing it just 100bhp to lug around 251kg. This gave ac­cel­er­a­tion that would leave arms rmly in sock­ets, and riders fall­ing asleep at the han­dle­bars. So we' ve based ours on a 17 0bhp R1 pow­er­plant, re­tuned for all-day mid-range us­abil­ity, but still up­ping the per­for­mance stakes mas­sively.

What­doy­ou­think? s this the funny front-end fu­ture for amaha? Let us know!

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