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Okay, so I know most of us read­ing this magaz ine were there’ or at least born, breath­ing and rid­ing in 004, but at the time I was run­ning Two Wheels Only, magaz ine. This meant that as ed­i­tor I got to ride and re­view most of what was on of­fer back then and it was a bumper crop. Scot­tie’s right about the litre- class sports ma­chines: this was just be­fore the world got tapped into ad­ven­ture bikes. I ran a GSX R1000K3 for a year and put 15 ,000 miles on it and loved it they’re well worth a look as was that year’s new F- R1 (5 ) which had 0bhp ex­tra on the out- go­ing model and un­der- seat ex­hausts. And don’t for­get that there were K4 ver­sions of both the GSX R75 0 and 00. But for me, as a col­lectible sports bike, that first 10R was a beast and I think a good nod for the fu­ture. But what about bikes that weren’t full- on sports­bikes? ell, you’re in for a treat… In 004 we would see the launch of the smaller brother to 003’s 1000 the 75 0. This was a sweet- han­dling four- cylin­der that is still a great ur­ban tool to­day. ou can pick one up for just 00 and a later ver­sion dis­pensed with the bikini fair­ing and in­tro­duced a half- faired ver­sion. A sim­i­lar but more bud­get- ori­ented style of bike was Honda’s CBF6 00: think cheap Hor­net’. These are now start­ing at 15 00… A clas­sic? Maybe not, but a very us­able ma­chine. KTM re­leased the 990 Duke in ’04 and the few that are around start at 3000: uirky. For the sports- tour­ing fans how about Du­cati’s ST3? This was in­tro­duced to re­place the ST2 and the en­gine was a twin 992 cc mo­tor with two- in­let and one ex­haust valve per head. Ca­pa­ble and re­li­able, can you be­lieve this can be bought to­day for 3000 or un­der? e men­tioned ad­ven­ture: Suz uki re­leased the sweet DL6 0 Strom in 004 and to­day that model starts at 15 00. If you like your metal heavy then the Japs re­leased the Kawasaki N2 000 and a 004 model will still set you back around 000 to­day. If you think Bri­tish is best, try the first Tri­umph Rocket III this .3 litre in­line triple is im­mense in both sizz e, char­ac­ter and (still) cost at be­tween ££ 66 000-- ££ 7000!

Kawasaki's sweet lit­tle 2004 Z750 can be had for around £2500 to­day. Du­cati's 2004 ST3 was a lovely sports-tourer: £3000 or less to­day!

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