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Some bikes are down­right fid­dly to work on or the mo­tor is a snug fit in the frame. Such tight di­men­sions mean that the spark plugs are deeply re­cessed and you will in­vari­ably find that your trusty spark plug socket will not fit into the re­cess. So try this new thin-walled spark plug socket set from Laser Tools (part num­ber 7295). This is a three-piece, 3/8in drive set of ded­i­cated spark plug sockets that fea­ture very thin walls to fit these nar­row, mod­ern spark plug re­cesses. Man­u­fac­tured from chrome vana­dium steel to keep them strong, they also fea­ture a rub­ber in­sert to grip the spark plug. The three socket sizes are 14mm (18mm out­side di­am­e­ter of socket), 16mm (20.4mm out­side di­am­e­ter) and 18mm (23mm out­side di­am­e­ter). All three are of a 12-point (bi-hex) pro­file and 63mm in length. www.laser­

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