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Our friends at Vapour­worx have just up­dated their web­site (www.vapour­ Ben Day is the man who can when it comes to car­bu­ret­tor clean­ing and over­haul. Hav­ing stripped weapons and ra­dios down for the mil­i­tary for years he reck­ons strip­ping down carbs on clas­sic mo­tor­cy­cles was a ‘nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion!’ He says: “I like to con­sider my­self a bit of a ‘one-stop-shop’ for carb clean­ing and restora­tion. Some­one asked me to vapour blast the carb bod­ies and ul­tra­son­i­cally clean them: then only the tin-wear looked bad so I learned to elec­tro­plate parts too and that's al­most five years ago now. I like to do it all in house if I can. It doesn’t work out cheaper that way for peo­ple (qual­ity costs, don't for­get) but I have the con­trol over the var­i­ous fin­ishes. “In­dus­trial platers may lose things or cus­tom threads may get lost. It’s about know­ing the parts. I know carbs now and with a good go­ing over there’s no rea­son why re­stored carbs couldn’t last an­other 40 years or more as they have been given a fresh start in life.” Ben starts with com­plete dis­as­sem­bly and free­ing ev­ery­thing up: ev­ery sin­gle nut, bolt and e-clip comes out. He finds that most of the screws are use­less and are re­placed by stain­less, then the parts are ul­tra­son­i­cally cleaned. This means all the pas­sage­ways are clear for vapour-blast­ing. After all the var­i­ous pro­cesses and plat­ings (in­clud­ing a quick acid bath, if re­quired) gen­uine new parts and O-rings are used from Al­lens Per­for­mance. Vapour­worx are based in Ne­whall, Swadlin­cote, Derby. 01283 225 233 or www.vapour­

Cool, clean carbs...

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