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I am a ‘born-again’ born-again biker: twice! My first jaunt was in the late 1970s to early 1980s on my first form of ‘free­dom trans­port’, an AP50: def­i­nitely faster than Fizzies! This was fol­lowed by a 1972 CB250 that had dropped ’bars and was home sprayed black! Cars and girls in­ter­rupted un­til the mid-1990s, when I was born again with a quick DT125 and then I leapt straight onto a VFR750 Mk.1. This was fol­lowed with a Du­cati El Paso, a ZZ-R1000 be­fore back to a VFR Mk.2 for a good few years. Kids and a ‘think of the chil­dren’ moan­ing part­ner made me sell it. Then two years ago I was born again, born again, but my part­ner didn’t know. I started with a pur­chase of my dream bike. I loved the tech, of a GTS1000 that popped up for sale, fol­lowed by an im­mac­u­late VFR750 Mk 2 (again). But then I wanted to be James Bond, so a BMW R1200C got squir­reled away, fol­lowed by a CBR1000F that was such a bar­gain I couldn’t say no, but it was a lit­tle rough. Fi­nally a com­pletely re­stored GTS sur­faced and I couldn’t say no. All these are hid­den away with the as­sis­tance of my lo­cal small in­de­pen­dent mo­tor­cy­cle garage who stores them away un­til play time. When I be­came ‘born again born again’, I went to my mag­a­zine of choice to find it was ir­rel­e­vant to me. I tried a few oth­ers and then I found YOU! It’s like a guilty plea­sure when it drops though the door each month. Pages and pages of bikes that I al­ways think: ‘I’d love one of those,’ and me­chan­i­cal tips that I know I will never use but I am fas­ci­nated and so im­pressed with those that can. Please don’t ever go fur­ther back than 1970 and I don’t even think the 2000s should be al­lowed, yet, but keep up the good work. Oooh! And yes please to ‘Bet­ter Rid­ing with Macken­zie.’ I would also like to see some ar­ti­cles on the ba­sics: such as what’s best to oil (or wax) chains, how to clean/pol­ish a bike, get rid of an­noy­ing marks or pol­ish a bolt up! Some­thing to im­prove the look of my ma­chines. And fi­nally Kar Lee’s GTS1000R: please write to Yamaha and force them to build one and please can I have your art­work for my wall? If I used my GTS as a ba­sis, do you know any­one who could build me one? I am go­ing to stamp my feet and scream, while throw­ing toys out of the pram, un­til I get one. Oh and you can pro­vide the tyres! Ber­tie says: “We hope the ‘other half’ doesn’t see this let­ter then? We will sort a bet­ter rid­ing thing in CMM in the spring/sum­mer. We take on board the clean­ing/ fin­ish­ing ideas and – while we can’t guar­an­tee what Yamaha will do – we can send you a pair of Bridge­stone’s finest!”

Andy wants this to be a re­al­ity!

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