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Busa boy calling!


I happened to pick up a copy of the January edition of Classic Motorcycle Mechanics because it had a Hayabusa in the front cover. It’s not a mag I normally read as I’ve got too many subscripti­ons in already: Bike, Classic Bike Guide, Practical Sportsbike­s and Classic Bike.

Anyway, I happened to mention to the lad I was served by about mine and he suggested a quick note to you. I’ve had five Busas since my first 20 years ago so you could say I like them. This is despite having two Blackbirds and two generation two ZZ-R1400S as well, some at the same time, and a plethora of other bikes concurrent­ly (greedy git, I know!).

So, just a couple of pics: say if you want more. My current Busa was registered 1/4/1999 and I believe may be the first ever in the West Country and perhaps the earliest still on the road in the UK – Suzuki were absolutely hopeless and couldn’t help me with any extra details. The VIN number is 0000463.

First off it is in absolutely pristine condition with no road rash at all – as in none. The paint is flawless and exactly as from the factory 21 years ago. It has now covered just under 20,000 miles. As you can see it’s very standard. I’ve added stuff to allow me to ride it – lower pegs (Buell), a bar-riser kit, double-bubble screen, mirror extenders, Hot Grips, Scottoiler, Suzuki gel seat, nothing that couldn’t be unbolted in a morning’s work if it was required for originalit­y.

Best of all it came with every MOT certificat­e and every tax disc from day one. Cosseted and well maintained. Oh, and my equally pristine 2000 Blackbird alongside, even lower miles and one owner.

Simon Mannell Bertie says: “Well, you lucky git! And we’re pleased to hear you’re now a subscriber to OUR magazine too! By the way, can we ride your Blackbird, Simon?”

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