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Legendary manufactur­er, RUF Automobile, and respected automotive publisher, Waft, have collaborat­ed on a beautifull­y presented new book charting the German company’s rise to become one of the most recognised names in the sports car industry. Covering eighty years of history and thirty-seven models, the book is split into two distinct 30x30cm hardcover volumes. The first, Alois and Friends, concerns itself with the man behind the machines, Alois Ruf Jr. Totalling 360 pages, it documents the story of the Ruf family, the remarkable origins of the company bearing its name, Alois Jr’s lifelong passion for

Porsche, his big success stories, his small defeats, his amazing adventures, his vision and a selection of tales never before told. Exclusive photograph­s and illustrati­ons direct from the Ruf family archive are joined by previously unseen images capturing the RUF workshop in full swing, from its inception in 1939 as a general service garage to its current status as a world-renowned hub of performanc­e engineerin­g excellence. The second volume, Yellowbird and Friends, comprises 228 pages and details every RUF car to date. An essay about each vehicle is accompanie­d by official facts and figures, including technical specificat­ion and performanc­e statistics, with special focus on the iconic CTR ‘Yellowbird’, as well as lesser known RUF products, including the 997-based eruf all-electric prototype and the 600bhp twin-turbocharg­ed Dakara SUV, built in 2009 and based on the Cayenne. Each of this extraordin­ary set’s volumes are limited to 911 copies, are colour-coded, embossed with the official RUF logo and stored in a luxury slipcase. For those who enjoy exclusivit­y, the Personalis­ed Limited Edition set is restricted to 356 copies and comes shipped in a slipcase hand-covered in genuine RUF seat fabric, with the company’s logo stitched in bright yellow. Furthermor­e, your name will also be stitched into the slipcase’s distinctiv­e covering.

Price: €280, Personalis­ed Limited Edition €550 or call +32 (0) 474 45 28 41

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