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As any serious driver will attest, being able to bring a car to a halt in quick and safe fashion is equally as important as reaching high speed rapidly, which is why these new S-type calipers will be of interest to owners of restored or recommissi­oned 911s (1969 to 1977, including the 930). Aluminium bodied and loaded with a single 48mm piston, each caliper is sold individual­ly and, importantl­y, outright by Heritage Parts Centre, instead of on an exchange basis. The Sussex-based Volkswagen and Porsche spares retailer can also supply the necessary pads, vented discs and new brake hoses to match, and will ship each caliper to an address of your choice without additional charge. These awesome anchors form part of Heritage Parts Centre’s massive air-cooled Porsche and Volkswagen parts portfolio, which can be explored at the company’s website.

Price: £199.95 per caliper heritagepa­ or call 01273 444000

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