Classic Porsche



There are many plus points to buying a left-hand drive classic Porsche in the

UK. For a start, the purchase price of the car is likely to be much lower than the right-hand drive equivalent, your choice of vehicles is going to be much larger (right-hand drive territorie­s are low in number, meaning more left-hookers are produced) and your car will have greater appeal to an internatio­nal marketplac­e when you’re ready to sell up. For some, however, the few negatives (such as the ability to overtake in British roads as freely as you might in a right-hand drive car) outweigh the benefits, which is why Porsche parts and restoratio­n specialist, Stuttgart Classica, is offering bespoke steel panels to convert the floor pan of any left-hand drive 911 (from the earliest cars right up until the introducti­on of the 964) to right-hand drive. The same thickness as the classic 911’s original floor pans, these products are exclusive to Stuttgart Classica and can be ordered with free UK shipping direct from the company’s website.

Price: £595 (pedal box sold separately) or call 01386 701953

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