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- Dan Furr Editor @Danfurr

Flick through recent classified­s, auction lot lists or sales specialist catalogues and one thing becomes immediatel­y apparent: used cars have reached new record prices. It’s thought major setbacks in the field of new vehicle production — supply chains stifled by the pandemic and unclear post-brexit trade tariffs — have resulted in long waits for customer orders to bear fruit, but the effect of COVID-19 on the minds of many has driven their desire to realise the dream of owning a classic sports car. Demand appears to be somewhat outstrippi­ng supply (I’ve lost track of the number of specialist dealers I’ve spoken to who simply can’t get hold of enough good Porsche stock to satisfy requests from customers), allowing sellers to bump the asking price of the car they’re in possession of. The knock-on effect is increased cost to get behind the wheel of a dream drive.

Fear not, dear reader, for while the Porsche market serves as something as a yardstick for the performanc­e of used sports car and classic vehicle prices in general, there remains a choice selection of air-cooled models available within a reasonable budget. Across the following pages, we explore the various options at your disposal, and though we’ll admit you’re highly unlikely to find a Turbo or Rs-badged air-cooled beast offering itself to you for the same money as a 912, 914 or the other models we’ve presented here, the cars we’ve selected are just as capable of encouragin­g a smile stretching from ear to ear.

We’ve also taken time out to chat to owners about their experience­s of models which many outside the Porsche scene aren’t aware of. We hope these tales of adventure fill you with excitement and further your encouragem­ent to join the ranks of air-cooled ownership, even if the Porsche you buy isn’t the one you set out to own.

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