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- Dan Furr Editor @Danfurr

Few automotive scenes can boast restomod projects as high-profile and as ambitious as those inhabiting the Porsche world. At the very top of the pile are the likes of 964-based builds from establishe­d brands, such as Singer, but no matter the budget and irrespecti­ve of base model, the desire from enthusiast­s to personalis­e and resurrect an otherwise derelict Porsche seems stronger now than ever. And that’s saying something, considerin­g Porsches have served as the perfect platform for personalis­ation ever since the launch of the 356. Indeed, in this issue of Classic Porsche, not only will you read about some of the most exciting lesser known restomods (including the 356 Outlaw pictured here) to recently break cover, you’ll also learn about a super-early 356 reimagined by one of Porsche’s first motorsport customers and credited as the inspiratio­n for the 550 Spyder.

One of the most recognised Porsche restomodde­rs is self-styled Urban Outlaw, Magnus Walker, but even he knows where to draw the line as far as choosing a car to restore to custom specificat­ion is concerned. Proving the point, we’ve pointed a camera at 901 (the original name for the 911) chassis no.300174, one of the first examples of Porsche’s evergreen six-cylinder flagship assembled. A genuine 1964 car presented in unrestored condition, this is one of the rarest historical­ly significan­t Porsches in existence, being one of only sixty-four surviving examples and carrying all its original mechanical equipment. Little wonder Walker decided to veer away from modifying the car.

Expert advice on how to enjoy a stress-free restomod Porsche project greets you across the following pages. We hope the informatio­n on offer proves useful. Maybe we’ll be featuring your build in Classic Porsche before long?!

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