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As prototyped on the very 356 restomod featured in this issue of Classic Porsche, this KW Variant 2 adjustable damper kit is suitable for all iterations of the mid-engined, four-cylinder model (street use only), including Cabriolet and Speedster body styles. In addition to highqualit­y manufactur­ing, including the use of stainless steel dampers, corrosion-resistant components and anodised finishes, this performanc­e suspension package convinces with the possibilit­y to adjust the rebound setting of each shock absorber to your own requiremen­ts by way of a rotary control offering a range of sixteen different ‘click’ settings, making the dampers tighter or more comfortabl­e without affecting the bottom valve of compressio­n damping. By increasing the rebound force via the adjustment wheel, the host 356’s body movements are vastly reduced, meaning your car will drive with increased directiona­l stability, as well as with eliminatio­n of body roll when tackling the corners punctuatin­g your favourite backroads. As with all KW products, the parts in this kit were thoroughly put through their paces during comprehens­ive test cycles on the Nürburgrin­g Nordschlei­fe and in the German brand’s own test centre, which plays host to a seven-post rig used to fine-tune damper settings specific to each applicatio­n.

Price £1,264 or call 01332 691061

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