Classic Porsche



These premium LED headlights are manufactur­ed in the USA by automotive illuminati­on specialist, JW Speaker, and are designed for direct plug-andplay fitment into any classic 911, 912 or 964. Using both high and low beams on the high beam setting, they produce a dramatic improvemen­t in the host Porsche’s exterior lighting, enabling safe travelling at night (or through tunnels) without causing discomfort to drivers of oncoming vehicles. What’s more, these brilliant headlights are available with a whopping thirty-six different options to suit your Porsche — not everyone likes the look of modern clear lenses, which is why Audette offers the choice of classic Bosch H4 lenses (for left- or right-hand drive), as well as chrome or black (paintable) trim rings, plus chrome or black LED housings, giving you the opportunit­y to marry modern lighting with classic looks. View the entire Audette Collection range of exterior lighting for air-cooled Porsches at the company’s website.

Price: $1,399 (£1,083) 911bestinc­ or call +1 541 788 4786

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