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- Dan Furr Editor @Danfurr

The 1970s was an exciting decade for Porsche. Hot on the heels of its first overall win at Le Mans in 1970, a second victory at the same venue followed a year later, the 917 earning its place in history as one of the most formidable racing machines of all time. A turbocharg­er was thrown into the mix for the model’s domination of Can-am thereafter, but all things must pass — the extraordin­ary cost of developing and campaignin­g the 917 forged a solid foundation on which Porsche’s racing department would benefit for many decades, but a return to action with cars resembling products in the brand’s dealer showrooms was required, not only in the interests of keeping the company’s accountant­s happy, but also to re-emphasise the direct link between road cars wearing the Stuttgart crest and the engineerin­g Porsche was putting to good use at the track.

The result of this thinking was the Carrera RS 2.7, a 911 currently enjoying its fiftieth anniversar­y. This year, we’ll be dedicating a fair number of our pages to the legendary automotive icon, kicking off our celebratio­ns with a look at the origins and evolution of the model, from drawing board to production. You can read the article in this very edition of Classic Porsche. We also take a look at the RS’S direct successor, the lesser spotted Carrera 2.7 ‘MFI’. Produced in smaller numbers than the RS, this 210bhp ducktailed G-series 911 commanded a higher purchase price than its immediate forebear when new, but can be yours for half the price of an RS today. Does this make the Hulkhued star of our showcase feature a bargain?

Of course, we’ve pointed our cameras at many other pristine Porsches for this issue of Classic Porsche, chief among them being our cover car, a 1957 356 A T2 Speedster sporting the most original body we’re ever likely to see. A truly remarkable drop-top surviving almost seventy years without a dink, dent, accident damage or corrosion, this sensationa­l air-cooled Porsche perfectly highlights just how much effort the Stuttgart squad puts into ensuring its products last for the long term. Enjoy the magazine.

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