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The 356 Speedster is one of Porsche’s most desirable products. Among the individual components which make the model so identifiab­le are its seats, specifical­ly developed to fit the Speedster chassis and taking the form of a metal bucket pressed from a single sheet to ensure lightweigh­t constructi­on. JP Group (the parent brand of Porsche restoratio­n parts manufactur­er, Dansk) has now re-launched the 356 Speedster seat as a family of chairs for enthusiast­s to park in their dealer showrooms, garages, mancaves or other cosy environmen­ts. Bringing the exact seating position of the 356 Speedster from car to chair rack, this hand-crafted Porsche pew maintains the original bucket’s seat angle. The framework is constructe­d from 22mm-diameter pipe with stabiliser­s in 6mm steel (choose between chrome or powdercoat­ed black finishes), while the seat bucket is pressed from 1mm rigid deep-draw sheet metal. For enhanced comfort, an exclusive perfect-fit leather cushion can be optioned in either white or black. A reclining frame is also available as an optional extra. Price: From £882 or call 0208 500 8811

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