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Sway-a-way torsion bars are high-performanc­e direct replacemen­t parts for your Porsche’s stock torsion bars. Available in a wide range of diameters to allow you to choose the right spring rate for your applicatio­n, Sway-a-way bars are made from heat-treated 4340 aircraft-grade alloy steel and are centreless ground for vastly improved durability and consistent spring rate. Sway-a-way bars are available as either solid or hollow bars, the only difference being weight. Talking of which, there is a common misconcept­ion hollow bars respond faster than solid bars. In reality, the difference between the two can be measured in nanosecond­s. Depending on the bar, the solid could, in fact, be the ‘faster’ product. Powdercoat­ed to resist corrosion and available for all pre-964 911s, as well as the 912, classic 911 Turbo (930), 924 and 944, Sway-a-way bars can be ordered direct from the manufactur­er in the USA or through the online store of Porsche parts retailer, FVD Brombacher, in Europe.

Price: From $315 or call +1 818 700-9712

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