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Last month, we brought you details of the customfini­sh BF Torino seats produced by independen­t Porsche accessorie­s specialist, Carbone. Just as we were going to press, the Lodz-based business revealed details of its new to market floor cover kits for the 964 and 993. Replacing the factory carpet with neatly trimmed elements the result of a two-year R&D programme, the smooth, lightweigh­t covers harmonize perfectly with the shape of the host 911’s body. Included in each kit are covers for the rear cabin, centre section, left and right floors, as well as a centre console overlay, a cup holder and a phone holder. The Carbone studio can design and combine fabrics and leather to suit your taste and requiremen­ts, though off-the-shelf colours are available to match the majority of standard 964/993 dashboards, door cards and seats. F- and G-series kits are coming soon.

Price: €5,344.72 or call +48 429 422 115

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