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During the course of their service life, sun visors take a lot of abuse. In the case of a classic or modern-classic sports car subjected to regular road use, the parts can prematurel­y age through worn outer materials, failed swivel bearings, delaminate­d integrated mirrors or snapped retaining clips. Available with or without mirrors, Mittelmoto­r’s replacemen­t sun visors for the classic 911 (Targa, cabriolet and coupe variants), 912 and 914 can be ordered with or without mirrors and come complete with all new fitting hardware, as well as robust swivel bearings to ensure longevity. Replacing your Porsche’s brittle and Uv-faded sun visors, these high-quality cabin components are an easy fit, requiring nothing more than a crosshead screwdrive­r and your patience. For a limited time, they’re being promoted by Mittelmoto­r with a hefty discount on the regular retail price, too. .

Price: From €99 (usually from €139) mittelmoto­

or call +49 234 935 1414

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