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What was the defin­ing race that turned you into a mo­tor­cy­cle rac­ing fan? Can you re­mem­ber the rid­ers that took part?the track it was held at?the time of year?the smells of the pad­dock? How about the re­sult?was that as im­por­tant to you as the ac­tion on track? I’ll bet a hefty Classic Racer 50p bit that you can re­mem­ber that race and many other el­e­ments about it too. Rac­ing is such a tan­gi­ble, vis­ceral ex­pe­ri­ence on and off track that once you’re bit­ten it’s hard to let go. And it’s that el­e­ment which ev­ery part of ev­ery race boils down to. Give the rid­ers and fans what they want and the all-im­por­tant cash will fol­low. In the first in­stance it’s the thrills, spills and ac­tion that draws peo­ple in.the invit­ing at­mo­sphere and in­clu­sive feel of classic rac­ing is what keeps them com­ing back. Pro­vid­ing we all are in­clu­sive, friendly and invit­ing, that is. If you’ve spent a lot of time in and around pad­docks over the years then a pad­dock, any pad­dock, is not an in­tim­i­dat­ing place.you know how they work, you know how to be­have and you know what’s go­ing on, and when, on track.you pay at­ten­tion and you en­joy the full ex­pe­ri­ence. But if it’s the first time you’ve been in a mo­tor­cy­cle pad­dock, then we can all seem pretty in­tim­i­dat­ing. Even when the op­po­site it true. If any­thing, a classic pad­dock has the po­ten­tial to be such an invit­ing place, for us, not the layer of cor­po­rate rub­bish that hin­ders the mod­ern world. As time passes and fac­tory bikes find their way down the evo­lu­tion­ary lad­der, they be­come the classic race bikes we know. Sud­denly there’s more ‘new’ classic ma­chin­ery to have a look at and talk about with the peo­ple who own it. It’s an evolv­ing, de­vel­op­ing world. So much more than any­thing mod­ern. So how do we en­cour­age more peo­ple in? I’d very much ap­pre­ci­ate your thoughts on this. I’ve said it be­fore but I don’t see any rea­son why classic rac­ing couldn’t se­ri­ously in­crease its reach with the mod­ern world. This is a cool sport. It’s a cool past time. It’s cool all round. And the masses would love it. If they came along.

Stay on the grey bit, Tony

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