HONDA NSR250 1989

Classic Racer - - IN DETAIL -

En­gine: Wa­ter-cooled crank­case reed-valve 90° sin­gle-crank­shaft V-twin two-stroke with elec­tronic power-valve Di­men­sions: 54 x 54.5mm Ca­pac­ity: 249cc Out­put: 82bhp at 12,600rpm Car­bu­ra­tion: 2 x 38mm Kei­hin Ig­ni­tion: Kokku­san elec­tronic CDI Gear­box: 6-speed ex­tractable Clutch: Mul­ti­plate dry (5 fi­bre/6 steel) Chas­sis: Ex­truded alu­minium twin-spar frame Head an­gle: 22-26 de­grees (ad­justable – usu­ally 22 de­grees) Wheel­base: 1330mm Weight dis­tri­bu­tion: 56/44 % Sus­pen­sion: Front: 43mm Showa tele­scopic forks (no an­tidive). Rear: Fab­ri­cated alu­minum swingarm with Showa monoshock and Öh­lins Pro-link vari­able-rate link Brakes: Front: 2 x 275mm discs with Nissin four-piston calipers. Rear: 1 x 185mm disc with Nissin two-piston caliper Wheels/ tyres: Front: 12/60-17 Miche­lin crossply on 3.50 in. March­esini cast alu­minium wheel. Rear: 15/61-17 Miche­lin ra­dial on 5.00 in. March­esini cast alu­minium wheel Weight/dis­tri­bu­tion: 92kg with oil/wa­ter, no fuel, split n56/44% Top speed: 162mph (Hockenheim, 1989 Ger­man GP) Year of con­struc­tion: 1989 Owner: Honda Rac­ing Cor­po­ra­tion, Shizuoka, Ja­pan, leased to Campsa Honda Rac­ing Spain

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