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Dear CR

Just dropped by to say how much I en­joy Clas­sic Racer and the ic­ing on the cake for me is the cross­word. Many hours spent (with the help of Google try­ing to de­ci­pher the clues), my only peeve is that the clues are in re­verse (white on black).

Surely most of the read­ers of Clas­sic Racer are in their se­nior years, and have fail­ing eye­sight, mak­ing it dif­fi­cult to read the clues. As an old time type­set­ter and graphic de­signer I can’t pos­si­bly see the rea­son for it be­ing that way. The type size is not the prob­lem it’s just the fact it is in re­verse (WOB).

Surely, if you feel the need for us­ing re­verse why not do all the guff about win­ning a jacket and do the rest in nor­mal black on white. Per­haps you can an­swer this for me. I look for­ward to the next cross­word. Thanks. Hugh Les­lie


Hello Hugh. Glad to hear you are en­joy­ing

CR and I’m sorry you are hav­ing trou­ble with the white text. We cover a wide age range of read­ers these days and I didn’t feel the leg­i­bil­ity was an is­sue, how­ever, I’m al­ways happy to make a change for a pos­i­tive ben­e­fit and will ad­just the cross­word for the next is­sue. I’ll prob­a­bly end up thank­ing you when my eyes start to fail me later in life. Mike

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