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Put your racing knowledge to the test and complete the puzzle to be in with a chance of winning this great prize. Good luck!


Our regular crossword is another mix of classic racing clues and all with the carrot on a stick of the chance to win a pair of Weise Airflow gloves! Go for it!

Be super-cool this summer with the Weise Airflow Plus gloves.these sporty, high-specificat­ion gloves feature knuckle reinforcem­ent, a full-grain leather palm, stretch mesh on the back of the hand and a 'shortie' cuff with Velcro fastening. So go on, have a crack at our crossword and see if you are the lucky winner! Across

1: First part of the address of the startline for that large racetrack on a famous island. (13,4) 7: Classic tree-lined circuit in a Park in Wales. (8)

10: Massive Indian-owned manufactur­er of scooters and rickshaws as well as bikes. (5) 12: As Mr Ballington, South African Kawasaki legend, is generally known. (4)

13: Prize given out for top three positions in FIM championsh­ips. (5)

15: Beau, played Bruce Mcbride in Silver Dream Racer. (7)

17: An uphill section of circuit or road. (5)

19: Intense rival of Aaron & Scott who kinda came out on top. (4)

21: Classic Czech Grand Prix venue for over 50 years. (4)

23: Electronic­s brand very well advertised by Mr Sheene. (4)

24: No sniggering now, this is what you turn the choke on with. (4)

26: Irish road races held on the Crossakiel Circuit. (5)

28: Kevin Magee's first GP team boss. (7)

29: Present-day team boss who won more 80cc GPS than anyone else. (5)

31: Mr Spaan, most successful Dutchman ever in the 125cc GP class. (4)

32: Mr Marshall, multiple British champion with a trademark black crash helmet & moustache. (5)

35: Italian who took the first ever GP win for Aprilia in 1987, on home tarmac. (8)

36: Unusual front-end arrangemen­t last seen at GP level with Ron Haslam's Elf Honda. (3,6,8)


1: TT winner for Rudge in 1931 whose famous son recently passed away. (6,6)

2: In the past these were protected by goggles, later by visors! (4)

3: British mainland circuit famous for its smallbut-steep Mountain section. (7)

4: Undulating section towards the end of the lap at Snetterton. (3,8)

5: Kevin Magee's first GP machine, by initials. (3)

6: Mr Raudies, most successful German ever in the 125cc GP class. (4)

8: This manufactur­er won the first world 500cc championsh­ip, but never another. (3)

9: Second part, the city itself, of the address from 1 Across. (7)

11: Venue for Kevin Magee's first and only GP win. (6)

14: Common term for a rider who's a bit fast, nothing to do with cards! (3)

16: Armco-lined classic Austrian high-speed GP venue. (12)

18: Canadian-born TT & GP racer who took a few 125cc wins for Suzuki in the 1960s. (5,6) 20: Doriano, late Italian 125 & 250 front-runner in the 1990s. (7)

22: Father & son, the latter known as “The Blade”, who have both won seven TTS each. (6) 25: Classic Bultaco 125cc, 250cc, & 350cc racing model in the 1960s & 70s. (3)

27: Etienne, long-time Dakar Rally organiser, no relation to Avril. (7)

30: Helmet manufactur­er who flaunt its Italian heritage with their tricolore-based logo. (3) 31:The actual given Christian name for 12 Across. (4)

33: Guido, Italian GP racer who sadly lost his life in an endurance race at Imola. (4)

34: Jim, whose initials were worn on the trademark helmet design of Mick Grant. (3)

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