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Whit’s wisdom!


Dear CR,

I'm still laughing! At Whitham, I mean… the last two issues with James Whitham's thoughts on life, racing and his crazy anecdotes have had me glued to my last two issues of Classic Racer. Literally glued – the tears of laughter have made some of the ink run and the pages stick together. His dad Dave reminds me of my old man: always wanting something for nothing and could never throw owt away! The stories of him getting all the crusts from a restaurant and billing them as a delicacy had me in stitches. And I can almost smell the cow pat fuel bricks… Can't we have a Whitham feature in every month?

And how about Steve Parrish next? Smithy, via email

The Editor says: “You can’t go wrong with a feature on Whit, Smithy… as to Stavros, well, funny you should say that!”

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