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On reflection…


Dear CR

My old mate Martin Carney says that the picture of Gary Nixon and Yvon Duhamel was at Laguna Seca not Ontario Motor Speedway. But he must have been reading his issue of Classic

Racer in a mirror! Turn Nine at Laguna Seca is, and always has been, a supertight left-hander. Nixon and Duhamel are turning right.

I can assure all that the photograph was definitely taken at Ontario. It was one of a great series by Dave Friedman that were originally published in our California newspaper,

Motor Cycle Weekly. back in the day. Meanwhile, all the best Martin: stay healthy and enjoying the California sunshine

Bruce Cox

The Editor says: “Bruce! You wrote the bloomin’ feature! You’re fired! Oh, maybe not… See page 48. Hee hee!”

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