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Valued Classic Racer contributo­r Phil Aynsley is trying to kick-start his dream – a dream of producing a beautiful coffee table book of arguably the greatest racing motorcycle­s ever created: ‘500cc Grand Prix Motorcycle­s, the 2-Stroke Era – a photograph­ic tribute.'

Phil – who takes the pictures and writes our ‘Iconic Metal' sections, says: “The 500cc two-stroke era of racing was a particular and singular era of bike racing that will never be seen again. There was a hiatus at the end of the ‘classic era' at the close of the 1958 season when all the major Italian factories pulled out and then in the late 1960s/ early 1970s we saw the Japanese two-strokes arrive and it was a particular­ly special period of racing.

“At the very pinnacle was the 500cc two-strokes: the blue-riband class. These top 500 machines were the cream of the crop – these bikes took NO prisoners. They weighed around 130 kilos and pumped out around 180-190bhp at the end of their developmen­t. What's more, even in their final season of 2002 they still used comparativ­ely few electronic­s to tame the wild power delivery.” If you would like to help fund this book, then head to: www.kickstarte­ primerbook­s/500cc-grand-prixmotorc­ycles-a-photograph­ictribute

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