Classic Racer

Nice spread!


Dear CR,

Just want to say that, while I'm loving the slight shift towards some of the more modern stuff

(most recently shown by some stuff about Valentino Rossi) don't forget us/we older chaps, we are still here and we can still recall a world seen in black and white.

I did want to congratula­te some of your authors: Bruce

Cox and his recent tales on his time with some American (and Canadian) legends: rest in peace Gary Nixon and now (sadly)yvon Duhamel… I had to giggle also at last issue's Steve Parrish feature: I hate all the (well, haters) talk about how Stavros just sat in Barry Sheene's slipstream, would any of them have said no, eh?you really need him to do a column with his stories.

Finally, I do like the idea of ‘Back in the Day' but why was it all so ‘modern' again? Keep up the (largely) good work!

Frank Smith

The editor says: “Duly noted Frank: but don’t forget Rossi’s first title was almost a quarter of a century ago! ‘Back in the Day’ was clearly modern-ish stuff (some came from me, aged 50) but you’ll soon see that we DO have older stuff this issue. It’s up to all the valued readers to add stuff to what is THEIR magazine. It’s not mine – I’m just a humble steward.”

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