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Dear CR

Can I start by saying how well Classic Racer has coped with the limitation­s imposed by the Covid pandemic in the last 18 months? I always read it cover to cover.

What caught my eye in issue 211 was in the Rocket Men article, on page 44: “Money is everything and in England/ Britain there just isn't the sponsorshi­p, we just don't seem to get the sponsors you see in Spain and Italy.”

Given the generosity of Honda (British Talent Cup) and Dorna's efforts to encourage ‘the road to Moto GP', I too share Ron's frustratio­n that the UK doesn't do its bit. Our National newspapers are all over F1 but barely ever mention a snippet on motorcycle racing, even MCN seldom covers the support classes, let alone the British Talent Cup or Junior SSP Classes. Likewise numerous motorcycle magazines do not seem to promote the routes to future British champions, and I do appreciate that advertisin­g revenue dictates content.

To be fair, British Superbikes has accommodat­ed the Junior Classes in the form of padding out the weekends, including the British Talent Cup, with extensive coverage by Eurosport TV. Given a degree of funding, someone like Ron and Ann could make the difference via mentoring the youngsters – how do we motivate the backing?

Jim Cripps

The editor says: “Covid has massively slashed budgets Jim. As to the sponsorshi­p thing, as you say it’s linked to coverage. If the newcomer classes got more coverage in the media (mainstream or otherwise) you’d surely see more sponsors involved? Should we, at CR, promote youth racing?”

 ?? ?? Richard Hurst
Richard Hurst

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