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Christmas Gift Guide


Yes, it’s that time again. We try not to use the ‘C’-word too often here at Classic Racer, but sometimes there’s just no escaping Christmas.

Whilst we’ve become accustomed to carols being played in shops and on the radio since before the clocks went back, the run up to December 25 can nonetheles­s be an extremely stressful time. In particular, in finding ideal gifts for your nearest and dearest, and maybe even more so at the feeling of impending doom at receiving dozens of pairs of socks, outrageous aftershave­s straight from the

1970s and enough chocolate and salty snacks to give your doctor heart palpitatio­ns.

So, we’ve made your life a hell of a lot easier with our exclusive Christmas Gift

Guide! Check out some of these musthaves and great ideas for classic bikers and make sure you leave the magazine open on these pages for all your loved ones to see… with a big asterisk next to what you’d really like from Santa...

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