Classic Racer



Dear CR

The latest issue just landed on the doormat and I have to say it's getting better and better! The inclusion of articles from the 1980s and 1990s is excellent, I know there are one or two people who complain about more modern stuff appearing, however, 1980 is 41 years ago now so surely fits the criteria of ‘classic?' I loved the articles on Stavros, the Boost Boys' battle in 1996, J F Balde and the ‘Whatever Happened to Cyril Smith?' write up – characters one and all. Keep up the good work. I've extended my subscripti­on for another two years!

Tim Claridge

The Editor says: “Thanks Tim, we know we can’t get the balance right every time but we do listen – so, everyone needs to call out when they want ‘older’ stuff too…”

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