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The need to adapt…


Dear CR

Our modern world seems to change more often and more rapidly, for example digital books and magazines, which in turn influences critical advertisin­g revenue. Throw in the ongoing impact of a world pandemic and you have a perfect storm of trials and tribulatio­ns, particular­ly in the niche market of Classic Racer.

I have to add once more that the essence of ‘classic' varies by generation: my earliest recollecti­on is racing around on my push bike and my dad calling me in for dinner, shouting: ‘Oi, Geoff Duke, it is dinner time!' Conversely today's dad might say ‘Marc Marquez', and no doubt all decades along the way (Mike Hailwood, John Surtees, Barry Sheene and Valentino Rossi!)

Some recent letters to CR have been mildly critical about ‘modern' snippets in the magazine, I disagree, things naturally change by generation. And to survive, the magazine has to appeal to the widest range of readership – to create advertisin­g targets. Next year the Blue Riband event of motorcycle racing – Motogp ) is but 25 years old – but today's middle-age fan base would see that as ‘classic' memories. In fact Moto3 is the only remaining 70-year link with the past, being the sole surviving original class of 250cc GP: food for thought? Jim Cripps

The Editor says: “As we say, not everyone loves the modern stuff – but as you say, even the first time Valentino won a 500cc title was 20 years ago!”

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