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Dear CR

Just a quick note to say that I’m really enjoying the series of Jefferies features by Stu Barker – what a great dynasty they are! I’ve had a quick chat in the paddock with the likes of Tony, Nick and DJ – but never met the great Allan himself. A mate of mine who rides road bikes has even bought many a bike from them and reckoned they were the best dealer by some margin!

Thinking back to my chat with DJ, I cannot believe it’s nearly 20 years since we lost him. I do recall some chats in the various race paddocks before he went to the TT. Yes he was a big lad: but he really rode a race bike with some gusto, didn’t he? I especially remember him throwing one of those Triumph Speed Triples around and he could hustle the Medd-backed Honda RC45 quite well, especially as no one else was doing owt decent on it in the UK at the time…

I managed to sneak a word with him at the 1996 Isle of Man TT which – I believe – was his debut TT race. I never knew what great things he’d go on to do over there… but what a ‘first year’ intake: as I recall, John Mcguinness and Bruce Anstey were also debutantes that year… Thanks for the memories CR!

Simon Smith

The Editor says: “Yes they are a great family! I would rub shoulders with DJ when reporting in the paddocks and he never suffered fools either! Uncle Nick is a great all-rounder on two wheels and dad Tony was a real legend.”

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