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It’s fair to say that ‘we’re never too old to learn’ and that’s true when it comes to riding motorcycle­s.

We learn every time we head out on two wheels and that’s why the MCIA (Motor Cycle Industry Associatio­n) wants more of us oldies to set a good example and do more advanced motorcycle training. They’ve started a new website called ‘The Elite Rider Hub’ (www. eliterider­ which has a full list of all the available advanced riding courses on it.

Tony Campbell MCIA CEO says: “As an industry we believe that better trained riders will be safer riders and post-test training will be the best way to address this.

“Improving our road safety record will be key to the industry’s future. However, this is not just the rider’s fault, therefore MCIA will continue to pressure Government on what can be done to improve infrastruc­ture, safe road space and the training of other road users, we will also be calling for improved awareness campaigns to ensure motorcycli­sts are more considered by other road users.”

To find your local advanced riding course, simply head to the website and scroll through ‘courses’ and see what suits you and your location.

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