Classic Racer

Shurely shome mishtake?


Dear CR

Thank you for an excellent magazine, I enjoy every page of it. I’ve just bought issue 216 at the newstand here in Oslo, Norway. The photo on pages six and seven to do with Barry Sheene’s ‘gentlemen’s set’, cannot possibly be from Anderstorp, Sweden. I have been to Anderstorp several times and it does not look a bit like the photo.

Anderstorp is a closed short circuit. The photo looks like being from a road circuit. My best guess is that the photo is from Imatra, Finland which was/is a road circuit also crossing a railroad line and lined with trees, buildings and poles as on the photo.

Jarl Hole

The Editor says: “Thanks for that Jarl! As I’ve said before, we are often stuck with the explanatio­n/detail linked in with the picture so we often have to take this at face value – unless we know to the contrary! You can imagine that – sometimes – even the photograph­er’s memory is a little hazy!”

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