Sound And Vi­sion

Low, 1977

Classic Rock - - David Bowie -

richarD JoBSon, the Skids

“There are two that are re­ally im­por­tant to me. Low is my favourite David Bowie al­bum, and I’ve al­ways loved Sound And Vi­sion. For me, Low was a com­plete game changer – you could feel it as he pro­gressed with Sta­tion To Sta­tion. Sound And Vi­sion was a hit sin­gle, yet it doesn’t re­ally have any verses, and nei­ther does it have a real cho­rus. It has a re­ally long fade-in, and ends the same way. It re­ally shouldn’t work, but it does.

“I’m also very fond of Where Are We Now? [from 2013’s The Next Day] be­cause it’s the first Bowie song that made me weep. It’s about ghosts and a man look­ing back on his life. I also knew all of those places in Ber­lin that he was re­fer­ring to, so that res­onated im­mensely with me. It would be very hard for me to sep­a­rate those two.”

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