Lodger, 1979

Classic Rock - - David Bowie -

a nother nod from Bowie, this time to David Byrne (a fel­low Eno as­so­ciate) as he clearly mim­ics the Talk­ing Heads front­man’s trademark vo­cal style across the open­ing lines of this paean to the in­creas­ingly high-pro­file, pow­er­ful and, ul­ti­mately, cru­cial mem­ber of the late-70s mu­sic busi­ness com­mu­nity, the disc jockey. Maybe it was recog­ni­tion of his sub­jects’ enor­mous egos that saw Bowie (aka David Jones, aka D.J.) re­lease such an un­com­mer­cial com­po­si­tion as a sin­gle, but a pre­dictable glut of air­play saw Si­mon House’s ex­tra­or­di­nary treated vi­o­lin and Adrian Belew’s Fripp-with-added-clang com­pos­ite guitar break into the charts.

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