The Rover

Phys­i­cal Graf­fiti, 1975

Classic Rock - - Led Zeppelin -

The sec­ond track on Phys­i­cal Graf­fiti had been largely recorded three years ear­lier, dur­ing ses­sions for Houses Of The Holy at Star­groves in Hamp­shire, al­though its roots stretched back even fur­ther, to Page and Plant’s song­writ­ing trip to Bron-Yr-Aur in 1970.

That it fit­ted per­fectly on to Phys­i­cal Graf­fiti said much about that al­bum’s glo­ri­ously loose, grab­bag ap­proach. Sand­wiched be­tween Cus­tard Pie’s Godzilla-sized blues funk and the elec­tric gospel of In My Time Of Dy­ing, it of­fered a mo­ment of ef­fort­less cool, Plant play­ing the role of mys­tic wan­derer on top of some of Page’s most in­ven­tive and rest­less guitar work.

Like much of the al­bum, the pe­cu­liar­i­ties of the pro­duc­tion gave it a fuzzy sound that would have had lis­ten­ers at the time check­ing for fluff on their sty­lus. But by this point in their ca­reer, Zep­pelin were be­yond such earthly con­cerns as per­fect clar­ity. What­ever forces they were chan­nelling had made them un­stop­pable. De

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