De­spite a cancer scare, they con­tinue to pur­vey “hand­crafted rock’n’roll for con­nois­seurs of qual­ity”.

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You can have your god­damn grunge bands, but the real kings of Seat­tle rock’n’roll re­main the Su­per­suck­ers. Front­man Ed­die Spaghetti has led his crew of beer drinkers and hell­rais­ers through an end­less party that’s lasted for 30 years, 11 al­bums, and who knows how many nights in the drunk tank. He flipped his RV, and got throat cancer a few years back, but nei­ther the crash nor the dis­ease killed him, as ev­i­denced by the Suck­ers de­fi­ant new al­bum, Suck It. So, Ed­die…

It feels like the days of dan­ger­ous rock bands might be over. There was some low-level con­tro­versy re­cently be­cause Mike Ness punched out a heck­ler at a So­cial Dis­tor­tion gig. Didn’t that used to hap­pen every night? Well, Mike Ness is al­most a fancy lad th­ese days. He wears pleated pants and sus­penders and, like, floppy hats. He’s up­graded since his days as a punk rocker. He left the trenches from where we still dwell long ago, so maybe that’s why. He’s prob­a­bly not too wor­ried about his health in­sur­ance. I’m sure he’s cov­ered.

When’s the last time you punched out a heck­ler?

I try to never do that. I don’t care, re­ally. I ex­pect peo­ple to flip me off and give me grief. Gen­er­ally I have the ad­van­tage since I’ve got the mi­cro­phone. I just ver­bally hu­mil­i­ate them and call it even.

Suck It, in gen­eral, is re­ally about how tough it is be­ing a hard­core rock’n’roller in a soft­core world. Yeah I re­alised that what we do is not for ev­ery­body – much to my debit card’s detri­ment. I wish ev­ery­body loved the Su­per­suck­ers like they love the fuck­ing Foo Fight­ers. It’s for so few peo­ple, it’s barely worth do­ing at all. I still get a kick out of it, though. We’re like a bou­tique op­er­a­tion de­liv­er­ing qual­ity, hand-crafted rock’n’roll for the con­nois­seurs of qual­ity.

Foo Fight­ers play base­ball sta­di­ums, for Chris­sakes.

Dave Grohl’s a great guy, and he’s al­ways been sup­port­ive of us, but Foo Fight­ers are a ser­vice­able rock band at best.

Af­ter your cancer di­ag­no­sis, did you change your life­style dras­ti­cally?

I still try to re­main a reck­less a fool when­ever I can, but I ap­pre­ci­ate things more than I used to, and I don’t get an­gry about lit­tle things any more.

“even our worst record is bet­ter than most bands’

best records.”

How have you ad­justed the Ed­die Spaghetti look as you’ve got older? You do have a beard now.

Yeah, I gotta cover up as much of the ‘old man’ face as pos­si­ble. I still got the cow­boy hat, and I still wear the sun­glasses but now they’re pre­scrip­tion. Also one of the ben­e­fits of hav­ing cancer was that

I lost a bunch of weight, and it’s not com­ing back. Cancer is a good diet plan.

Su­per­suck­ers still tour re­lent­lessly. What’s the worst town to play in?

El Paso, Texas. We’ve had the worst shows of our ca­reer there.

What’s the prob­lem?

We don’t play, like, mall heavy metal. That’s all they want to hear there.

Af­ter thirty years don’t you de­serve a statue or some­thing?

Prob­a­bly. I mean, let’s face it, even our worst record is bet­ter than most bands’ best records. KM

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