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This month’s contributo­rs


Johnny black

Johnny has written for many magazines over the past 40 years, and this month he grapples with The Beatles’ Abbey Road (p26). His website www. is the world’s largest archive of searchable chronologi­cally organised rock music facts, and he Tweets a historic Song Of The Day via @ MusicDayzT­weet every day.

Mike chipperfie­ld

This issue’s amazing Beatles cover was brought to life by Magictorch’s Mike Chipperfie­ld. Magictorch were founded in 1999, and the Brighton-based company have worked their magic (pun intended) on many covers for Classic Rock, Metal Hammer and Prog magazines, to name but three. See what else they get up to at


…is very clearly the Evel Knievel of sleazy-rock journalism. When he isn’t spelunking through rock’n’roll’s deepest, darkest canyons for Classic Rock and helping compile our cover CDs, he hosts the Advanced Demonology podcast and the Heavy Leather Topless Dance Party TV show. He lives in Boston – and he deserves to.

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