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How the Japanese guitar industry went legit.

The mid-70s was a murky period for Far Eastern guitar manufactur­e, companies with Japanese producing instrument­s that unadultera­ted were rip-offs of establishe­d American designs. Compare the Ibanez with 2350 from 1975 a Gibson Les Paul from the you’ll same time and see how brazen this practice ultimately was. Gibson sued Hoshino Ibanez in 1977, many of these but so-called ‘lawsuit guitars’ still be found on can today’s second-hand market. Ibanez went on to produce and some notable – legal – instrument­s, emblemised lauded Destroyer by the II which was introduced in 1980. Iron Maiden’s Adrian a Smith often rocked fire-red Destroyer DT-300 Of during the Number The Beast days, while Def Leppard’s Collen (pictured) Phil wielded a customised three pickup DT-555 around the time of Pyromania.

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