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During April 1969, London’s meteorolog­ical stations registered more sunlight hours than during any other month of the 60s, and during this month George Harrison decided to “sag off” yet another Apple business meeting with “dopey accountant­s”, and spent the day truanting in the garden of Eric Clapton’s house in Surrey. These were the circumstan­ces under which Harrison conjured up Here Comes The Sun on a borrowed acoustic guitar.

The brightly beaming hopeful light to the ultimately oppressive shade of I Want You (She’s So Heavy), Here Comes The Sun

represente­d the relief and optimism Harrison felt when removed from the grind of The Beatles’ business machinatio­ns and ever more incessant infighting. By the time its outwardly straightfo­rward (if slightly complicate­d by Indian influence) chords made it into the studio in early July, Lennon was absent following the same car crash that would ultimately confine Yoko to her previously mentioned Abbey Road Studios bed for the duration, so Harrison’s bright arpeggiate­d triads and gently wavering Moog had only McCartney’s bass and Starr’s drums in support.

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