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The second brace of Long Medley elements recorded as a single entity, Lennon’s Polythene Pam and McCartney’s She Came In Through The

Bathroom Window can claim a tentative grasp on conceptual continuity for the fact they share origins in the bizarre exploits of Beatle fans. Conjured up on yet another long Rishikesh night, Polythene Pam was sparked by memories of Pat Hodgett, an original Beatles aficionado from the Cavern days.

“I used to eat polythene all the time,” recalled the woman who came to be known as Polythene Pat. “I’d tie it in knots and then eat it. Sometimes I even used to burn it and eat it when it got cold.” Perhaps in order to take significan­t liberties with his subject’s reputation, Lennon altered her name to Pam and (adopting his broadest scouse accent) remodelled her into a ‘killer diller’ plastic fetishist in ‘jackboots and kilt’ who ‘looks like a man’ over vigorously scrubbed 12-string acoustic guitar. Here was another character based in fact, according to Lennon. A mutual acquaintan­ce introduced him to such a woman in Jersey: “He said she dressed in polythene, which she did. She didn’t wear jackboots and kilts. I just sort of elaborated.”

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