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- Malcolm dome

music FoR nations Veteran metallers still managing to have fun.

It’s been a traumatic time recently for Killswitch Engage. During the making of this album, vocalist Jesse Leach had to undergo throat surgery, delaying everything. So, Atonement could easily have been a depressing, pessimisti­c album. But not a bit of it.

The Massachuse­tts band have delivered a thunderous reminder of why they’ve endured for more than two decades. Former vocalist Howard Jones is brought in to guest on The Signal Fire, while Testament frontman Chuck Billy features on The Crownless King. And these are among the best tracks here, as Killswitch flex their muscles yet also show a capacity for dramatic variations.

Nobody will pretend Atonement is a classic. But it is firmly fired up. ■■■■■■■■■■

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