Classic Rock

The Drippers

Action Rock

- emma Johnston

the sign Raucous thrill-ride from hairy Scandi debutants.

Maybe blame it on the Viking blood, but there’s a specific type of rock’n’roll that the Scandinavi­ans do particular­ly well: a pillaging, booze-flinging, sweat-soaked, party-time take on garage rock that suggests long dark winters are being spent revelling in good-natured chaos. Like The Hellacopte­rs and Turbonegro before them, Swedish newcomers The Drippers are out to bring the party to us whether we’re ready or not.

There’s nothing subtle about Action Rock, an album that takes its title deadly seriously. This is carnivorou­s, full-speed, full-fat, rough-edged rock’n’roll that

worships at the church of Lemmy – The Drippers’ homage to Ace Of Spaces entirely transparen­t in Bottled Blues – while the choruses are built for mass singalongs as beer flies through the air. Relentless fun, this might be just the pick-meup the dive bars of the world need right now. ■■■■■■■■■■

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