Classic Rock

Redd Kross

Beyond The Door

- everett true

meRge The brothers McDonald return with more power-pop gems.

’K-pop girls singing Beefheart song/ His gal Bimbo wants to sing along,’ gleefully yell brothers Steven and Jeff McDonald sweetly on the glam stomp Fighting over thunderous drums provided by (Melvin stalwart) Dale Crover. Let’s go.

‘Unkempt man and the dirty pretty woman/Vanish in a dust cloud seen by no one,’ the siblings lament on the Bay City Rollers catchy title track. Catch those power-popping gooey inchperfec­t harmonies, like a Wes Anderson fantasy where various members of Cheap Trick, Kiss, The Webb Brothers, The Boyfriends, Rodney Bigenheime­r and Kim Fowley live together in one house eating TV junk food and never quarrel. A more magical Partridge Family, if you will.

Redd Kross have been around, being their rhapsodica­lly pop selves in LA, since the back of forever, but time has not diminished their charm one jot, nor dimmed their pop brilliance. This, almost surreally, is only their seventh album and contains not a dull moment.

‘Come on down/To the party undergroun­d,’ they sing. OK then. ■■■■■■■■■■

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