Classic Rock

The Oh Sees

Face Stabber

- paul moody

caRoLine Scorching twenty-second album from Cali garage icons.

Like a real life Spinal Tap, John Dwyers’ psych-rock seers have gone through countless permutatio­ns since their 2003 debut. What remains constant is his desire to challenge both himself and his audience.

No surprise, then, that the follow up to 2018’s Smote Reverser finds him performing another startling sonic u-turn.

A manic 17-track odyssey into sound combining frenzied funk jams (The Experiment­er), goggle-eyed prog rock (14-minute epic Scutum & Scorpius) and ambient noodles (Captain Loosley), it culminates in hypnotic 21-minute freak-out Henchlock. As bananas as it is brilliant, Face Stabber is a poke in the eye for anyone who says guitar bands are running out of ideas. ■■■■■■■■■■

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