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The Vicious Cycles




not since Fu manchu has a band so obsessivel­y detailed the pleasures and terrors of a life lived on the asphalt. Vancouver’s Vicious cycles dole out hardcore garage-punk action and chugging 70s boogie-rock with devastatin­g hooks and punchy lyrics about avoiding cops, making out with truck stop nuns, and impressing girls with the size of your engine. There’s elements of surf and snotty ‘77 punk and there’s even some roller-rink Farfisa in there and it all sounds like the best party you ever snuck into.

Highlights come fast and furious and certainly include the fez-shaking title track, the fast fucked and furious Don’t need no Dynamite and the heads-down action rock ripper Hot Dogs in The city. a fair warning, if you buy this you’ll probably end up burning down your house and hitting the road forever.

There might be a more perfect rock‘n’ roll record out this year but i fucking doubt it. ■■■■■■■■■■

 ??  ?? The Vicious Cycles:
fast and furious.
The Vicious Cycles: fast and furious.
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