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New Model Army

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earmUsic Tribal rockers serve up an icy-cold brew.

This album was recorded on the tiny Norwegian island of Giske, and it sounds like it. Later-period NMA has become fascinatin­gly bleak and sparse, the sound of greybearde­d old warriors singing folk tales around the campfire while a black wind howls all around them. The ragged rasp in frontman Justin Sullivan’s voice perfectly complement­s doomy ballads like Never Arriving, Hard Way and Setting Sun. As the song titles suggest, there are few glimmers of light on this album – the eight-minute title track is especially morose (‘Repeat after me, I am the master of nothing’), but it all adds up to a hypnotic swirl of captivatin­g darkness. ■■■■■■■■■■ sleazegrin­der

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